Month: June 2012

  • Post Conflict Stability Operations, “What do you do for an Encore?”

    But now we were hit by a far more perplexing challenge. Having thoroughly defeated the “evil empire” of Saddam, we had effectively stripped away all vestiges of his Orwellian dictator-ship, leaving only . . . us. What to do for an encore? We were now the single center of authority. In a blinding flash, we […]

  • Appearance on Dylan Ratigan show, 8 June 2012

    Had a great chance to discuss Leadership and Decision Making with Dylan Ratigan and the author of “Gardens of Democracy”, Nick Hanauer ( Nick’s book challenges us to adapt ourselves and our society to a rapidly changing world by better tending to the interconnected “garden” that represents our culture, economy, and government. Provoking read with […]