July 02, 2003

Iraqi Citizens Claim Victory With Ouster of U.S.-Chosen Mayor – New By SHAILA K. DEWAN

Published: July 02, 2003

The local Marine commander, Lt. Col. Christopher Conlin, who said he arrived in Najaf after Mr. Munim had been appointed, had been prepared to hold an election for a new mayor on June 5, but Mr. Bremer ordered the election postponed. Two days later, the Marines authorized a criminal investigation of the Mr. Munim by the chief Iraqi investigative judge and a special Iraqi prosecutor.


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  1. Michael Hagle Avatar
    Michael Hagle

    Hello, Col. Conlin;

    Michael Hagle here from Charlie Co. 1/3, if you remember me. I like your articles. I wish I served with you again during the Iraqi invasion. Hope all is well for you. Semper Fi!

    1. Chris Conlin Avatar

      Thanks Mike! Great to hear from you again. Hope like is treating you well. Great days back in Charlie Company. Miss our terrific team and outstanding Marines like you. Please take care and stay in touch. Would like to hear what you are doing these days.

      Semper fi,

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